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>> i heard like 4 or 5 gunshot gunshots. they just rang out. people start scram pwlichblingt i was scared. i was skaivrmentd i come here all the time. >> frightening scene at the
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richmond bart station tonight where a man was gunned down in front of children at the peak of the rush hour commute. good evening. >> horrified commuters heard the gun fire and then saw a man drop at the top of the station stairwell. shooter got away. we were over the scene as police scoured the area for clues. lillian kim is at the richmond bart station tonight with the latest for us. lillian? >>reporter: we know very also about the victim only that he was believed to be in his 30's. bart police still have this area cordoneed off. they have been busy searching for any possible clue. >> officers canvas the parking lot looking for evidence the shooting that left one man dead in the middle of rush hour. happened outside on top of the staircase that riders use to go in apartment out of the birth station. jennifer williams says everyone including children started running as soon as the shots were fired. >> ready to go up the elevator and i had my head phones on and they were pretty loud and i
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could hear the gun shots even through my music and everyone ran to the back of the bart station after they heard the shots. >>reporter: police say 2 men are responsible for the shooting. witness told officers the pair taking off running. at this point investigators don't know what the motive may have been. they are working on identifying them. >> we are working on videocamer. working with richmond police and hopefully able to come up with some good identification. >>reporter: richmond resident said latest homicide have them feeling on edge largely because it happened during busy time at very public place. >> if anything i feel in more scared if i was to get shot over there on street that doesn't have a lot of people. not busy, you know. you wouldn't think this would happen here. like a lot of people come here all day. >>reporter: as for jennifer williams, she's thankful she wasn't caught in the cross fire. she says she would have had she decided no to the wait for the elevator. >> i come through here and i would have been like innocent
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bystander and in the middle of it. if i had gotten in the wa way. >>reporter: bart service was not affected. police did close this side of the station here on mcdonald's avenue. riders able to enter and exit from spirit avenue. live in richmond, abc 7 news. thank you. developing news tonight. bay area teacher arrested on charges of possessing chilled pornography has been hospitalized after attempting suicide. nathan expected to survive after apparent over dose. he was arrested yesterday at the school where he taught in sea side near monterey. search of his east san jose home police say turned up more than 1,000 video kleps and photographs of children who appear to be under 10 years of edge. >> we didn't find any videocamera or anything like that in the thus would make us indicate that he was manufacturing child pornograph pornography. however we have not done a complete forensic evaluation of the computer to find if there's any child porn that we consider not known.
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>> he worked in san jose astute teacher from 2008 until a few weeks ago. the school district there has notified airports the school where he worked. >> search under way for 20-year-old man who suffered a head injury while biking last week which could be associated with his disappearance. matthew seen here playing guitar in the you tube video last seen at 9 last night in scoot valley. searchers now looking between there and henry cowell state park in shelton where he liked to go mountain mountain biking. lisa joins us now from the command post in scott's valley with the latest. lisa? >>reporter: the third canine unit arrived over an hour ago. this entire search really has escalated. namely because it has gotten later and still no sign of matt abraham. darkness brought reinforcement in the search for matt abraham. last seen yesterday at the scott's valley home by his airports.
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they have been keeping a close eye on the 20-year-old because just this week he was hospitalized after falling 50 feet off this trestle in henry park. he suffered a severe concussion. >> i went antd and visited him yesterday still at home and he was saying how he kind of slips in and out of knowing what he is doing. >>reporter: for some unknown reason he left home. without his phone or wallet. he also didn't make it to class today attica brill 0college. >> most lejust because of the head injury concerned from might be something wrong with him or he might be in danger. >> we are canvassing the area. >>reporter: teams scouring henry cowell park, area schools anywhere that may significant to the abraham. his friends and family mean time are passing out fliers and doing what they can to help. >> just amazing he would be doing this fours. >> such a roller coaster. we all heard about it his fall on
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saturday and his mom said that she felt like they had turned the corner and everything was going to be okay then this happened. >>reporter: it seemed as though matt abraham thought the say. he posted this you tube video just yesterday. >> i'm going to be just fine. better than ever even. and i promise that i'll see you guys again. >>reporter: more teams will arrive tomorrow morningd santa clara and monterey counties. live in scott's valley tonight, lisa, abc 7 news. thanks very much. new at 11:00 gas leak in san francisco mission district forced evacuation of 5 homes tonight. we were over the lake minutes after backhoe sliced 2 inch plastic gasoline that was about 7:00 o'clock. department of public works crew punched 2 holes in the pavement in order to get to the leak. manageed to shut it off at 8. evacuee allowed back in 30 minutes later. crews will be on the scene however as long as it takes to repair the line.
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>> well the cool down has started. abc 7 meteorologist is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> the temperatures felony where from throw 10 degrees today and i want to show you live doppler 7hd we have cloud cover. but the north bay is not seeing much in the way of cloud cover right now. that will change. no radar returns to track from our high definition camera. you can see visibility is good and temperatures right now upper 40's santa rosa, napa most other areas in the mid 50's. change of season just around the corner and so is our weather pattern. i'll show you when rain is coming back that the picture. >> thanks very much. man responsible for keeping our border safe has been charged with internet child porn. story uncovered by abc 7 news all righter vick and seen only here. gilbert lamb homeland security agent. investigation into suspicion that he was sharing child porn began two years ago. investigators wept to lamb's home in san francisco
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and found 85 images they say and video on sophisticated computer system. >> being at the house and had he a whole closet downstairs and like had he os own independent server. several computers. several hard drive drives. electronic storage devices. >>reporter: lamb was arrested last week while working at sfo security checkpoint for passengers from overseas flights. he's being held on 150,000 dollar bail. new at 11:00 san francisco police are lacking for the attacker who dragged a woman off a bus in san francisco in an attempt to steal her smart phone. 3 men are wanted in connection with the assault on february 13. take a look at surveillance images of one suspect. police say the victim was holding the phone when one machine tried to grab it out of her hand. victim wouldn't let go of the phone and then dragged off the bus. the other 2 men are accused of blocking the path of any one who tried to help that victim. >> come up next on 7 news at 1 11. pilot gets drowsy aboard a plane and only life line, woman
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working in air traffic control. who could tell that something was wrong. what she did to save his life. >> also the woman claiming to have been pope francis childhood girlfriend. the promise he made to her that changed his life. >> i-phone new challenger unveiled in glitzy new york spectacle. what it does that other phones do not. >> later on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks tonight. movey from zigy and lieutenant governor newsom is here plus from the big bang theory jimmy parsons. >> it's jim. jim par sons. >> it's jim. jim par sons. >> i guess somebody
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if. >> pope francis returned to the sistine chapel for the first mass of his papacy today. pope delivered off the cuff homily challenge to cardinal ta to help build up the church. sign of the pope humble nature on display today in rome. instead of taking a sedan set aside for the pope he rode the shuttle bus with other cardinal and pick up his own luggage from the hotel and even paid his own bill. his wardrobe is already simpler than past pope. he
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kept his cross from his time as bishop. >> woman claiming to have been pope francis childhood girlfriend says she helped him become a priest by rejecting his marriage proposal. in buenos aires today the woman said she lived 4 houses down from young man. she says when she was 13 he told her quote if we don't get married i'll become a priest. is he she is she has high hope for his role as pope. >> air traffic controller was awarded the medal of safety for saving the life of a pilot. he was sounding fine one moment when suddenly the air traffic controller heard a slur in his speech. the pilot seemed to have no idea he was in any danger. is paula has the stor story. >>reporter: nearly 5000 flights go through the air space each day. but it was the twin prop plane on the way from dallas to michigan that alarmed air traffic controller woman. >> of i think you need to start a descent. maintain. >>reporter: all she heard on
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the other end heavy breathing. is that is the sound of an unresponsive pilot. soaring at 27,000 feet and one of the country busiest airway. >> there's just nobody saying words. and then after 20 or 30 miles i kept trying to call him. >>reporter: the pilot tries to respond. >> i -- >>reporter: listen to him again. slurring his words. another pilot hears the exchange. >> i don't know if he can hear that guy but he doesn't sound good. >> i didn't know if he would ever answer me again. >>reporter: she realize he could be suffering from lack of oxygen. it's a dangerous condition at high altitude pilot and passengers can last consciousness in a matter of minutes. it's what happened on board famed golfer payne stewart jet in 1999 lead to go tragedy. sheree pete he hadly urges the pilot to descend.
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>> if you have the oxygen try that. descend maintain 1 80. >>reporter: finally a clear response. >> papa mike. >> you are sounding a little better. >>reporter: guides him to safety. 13,000 feet in 15 minutes. >> thanks for the help. >>reporter: the this week she received a notice of furlough because of government spending cuts she will have to take an extra day off every few week to save the faa money. >> tech news tonight new big thing was unveiled in new york. the samsung galaxy 4. new smart phone lighter slirm than predecessor. with what makers boast is the cutting edge camera. analyst say the galaxy 4 make the i-phone look like yesterday hot smart phone and wonder how or if apple will respond. samsung apple main competitor in the high end smart phone market. >> tonight facebook wants to steal some thunder from the rival twitter. according to the wall street journal facebook planning to incorporate the hash tag into
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its service. hash tag would unable facebook to index conversations makinging it easier for users to take part in conversations on specific topics. hash tag helped turn 20th near a major social networking destination. >> new at 11:00. salute to hometown hero in oakland tonight. education reporter lee ann was there at the plaza. this was the fifth annual hometown hero cay area res 28 bay area residents for making their community a better flies work, live and play. event is a partnership between comcast and bay area news greingt. >> what a nice event. >> weather forecast close to the weekend. >> yes sandhya is here now. >> and we are getting closer to bringing on the rain. all right. but the weekend is just fine. you look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud moved out of the north bay. we have a few clouds still across the peninsula. east bay. we look from the high definition camera shaking a bit. wednesday a little bit on the gusty side
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over the higher terrain. clearly see back towards san francisco, though. temperatures right now in the 50's. 52 in san francisco. 55 in oakland. right now san jose reporting a number of 53 degrees. here's what is coming. partly cloudy overnight. cool mild for your friday afternoon depending on where you are. and it's a dry weekend but rain will be back in the forecast next week. here's pacific satellite picture. here is the cloud cover that came through the bay area. we are still seeing some of the high clouds and they are just passing through. we are going to see a similar pattern as we head in your friday. here's what is going to happen. 11:00 o'clock tonight. few wispy clouds then we head into the morning hour. some patches of fog may form. occasional high clouds is the story for your friday. filtered sunshin sunshine. temperatures about the same as where you are, where were you excuse me, today. first they think in the morning. some patchy fog. low 40's to low 50's. really quite comfortable to start off your friday morning but that fog may
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dense in pockets. nothing like what we saw this morning where it was wide spread and it was dense in many areas. we are not expecting repeat of that. 72 degrees in santa cruz and south bay tomorrow. 76 in los gatos. it's nice day in san jose. 74, 72 sunnyvale. temperatures run higher than where you should be for this time of year. 72 in palo alto. 71 redwood city. 66 degrees in millbrae. coastal area upper 50's. half moon bay 59 degrees in downtown san francisco 65 in daly city. 58 may a patch or 2 of fog into the afternoon. 59 in the sun set district. as you look at the north bay numbers will range from the 50's along the coast to most areas in the 70' 70's. 75 calistoga. clear lake. 74 santa rosa. sausalito 65 degrees. in the the east bay beautiful day. 71 in oakland. 70 for newark. 69 degrees in hayward. inland communities still going to be on the higher than normal side in terms of your temperatures.
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74 walnut creek. 75 concord. livermore. here's look at my accu-weather 7 day forecast. and tomorrow we feature sun clouds. temperatures in the same range for your saturday. cooling on st. patrick's day. a little breezy as well. the monday very little change other than the cloud cover but then by tuesday we are bringing in the rain. much cooler weather. wednesday which is start of spring at 4:02 in the morning effort. you will be seeing spring showers. how appropriate. 7 news has another great weather resourcefa weather conditions rain or shine. great resource carolyn and dan. >> we have some of the rain coming but if you day away. >> absolutely enjoy your weekend without wet weather tha. >> thanks. >> insanity back in the bay area tonight. film about basketball sensation and palo alto native jeremy lin open special event this evening. part of the center for asian american media festival. guest include his parents, they are proud. high school college and
1:25 am
shooting coaches and he have van jackson young who directed the film.en sanity debut at sun dance film festival and sudden rise to fame on the basketball court last year. larry was at the event tonight. you are even in the film. >> yes a little spot there. >> i have cameo. only about 3 or 4 seconds. i thought i nailed the scene. nailed it. audience reaction.o small part l alaska toyvrment okay. that was -- >> i didn't say it. >> i don't know how to react to. that. >> the point was. >> the film is greatment when it comes out worldwide distribution hopefully. it's fantastic. theme from jeremy lin actually. he tells some great stories and the wonderful thing about the movie is they didn't just make a film after he became a worldwide supersta superstar. they had followed him from his early days at harvard getting cut by the reno big horns. all the up and dow
1:26 am
down. he's hi layer news see. >> behind the sdmeens what about your scene. >> you know did you see it actually. it was there and gone. >> all right. >> in sports. hence my agent. very small clip. cal bears have short stay in las vegas pack 12 tournament. won and pack 12 tournament. won and done in sin city. what about
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>> good evening. this is why a lot of coaches hate conference tournaments. there's not much to gain and a lot to lose. no. 2 steve cal knocked off by 10 seed utah in the pack 12 quarter final. came in with record of 14 and 17 but enthusiastic. justin cobb bringing a game tonight. to the rack. bears up at the hal half. lowest in the pack 12. wouldn't know from it this mov move. glen dean athletic and acrobatic. under 2 minutes to go. cobb that's the 3. game high 26 points. 8 seconds left. utah down 3. leading scorer jerrad 6 of 3 sending in
1:30 am
overtime. cal had a foul to give didn't take it. they would pay. in o t utah dominated jordan love ridge put him up 5 and jason washburn ices it. cal eliminated from the tournament 79-69. at 20 and 11 the bears should still get an invite to the tournament on send but this loss might hurt the seeing the. ice last summer. shark sat at home and watched it. so-cal rival hoisted the stanley cup. they were trying to snap a slide hosting the champ from l.a. with a shot here on frasier. that leaves to fight between these 2. end up getting 4 extra minutes of penalty. disgusted. men behaving badly. shark capitolize on the power play. irwin with a wrist and minute 27 later still on the power play. logan with a rocket to the point. kings make come
1:31 am
back. fall short. todd the franchise all time winningest coach with two 07 wins. 4-3 shark. matches in l.a. 49ers defensive line man, ricky signed 4 year two million dollar deal with the colts. a lot of money for a guy who started only 2 games. back up to justin smith. colts hoping 6 foot 3, 2 90 pound will bolster their defense. world baseball classic this sunday in san francisco. will team usa be here? in a must win scenario after did's game with the dominican republic. in miami. dicky won cy young with the nasty knuckle ball. solid for 5 innings. gave up just this run but rocket launched by are mile an hour educates in the fifth. tied up at 1 appease until the 9th. eric with base hit. nelson cruise nasa score. 3-1
1:32 am
dominican republic the final so they qualify for the semi. coming to san francisco. brian of the giants will start tomorrow for team usa. they have to beat puerto rico and winner will advance to thee se i semi. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> watching tonight after the movie premier this small scene you are too big for us now. >> that's what i was think snooing on the subject. coming up. book so small you need a ♪
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the look at the wake up weathe weather. comfortable temperatures first thing in the morning. light breeds. patchy fog near the coast. mike here at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. with any updates. >> thanks so much. >> japanese company is hoping that its created d world smallest pwichblingt can't imagine they can get any smaller. 22 passengers called flowers of seasons. to give you perspective. object next to it it's a sewing needle. >> comes with the own magnifying glachlts company aiming for official title from guinness book of world records. >> can't imagine. make one smaller than that. >> coming up next. newsom pars sons and ziggy. >> thanks for watching. >> for all of us here, thanks
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so much for being here. we appreciate your time as always. tomorrow morning news starts on 7 news at 4:30 in the on 7 news at 4:30 in the morning.
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♪ i'll be there ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ just call my name ♪ and i'll be there >> welcome back, everybody. as you know this is rob's last day. but we are getting the party started. as you can tell we have got the bar going. drinks are going to start flowing in a second. thanks to our friend tim. willard is in the house. belly up to the bar.

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